French as a second language

Registration to courses

New student

The following procedure, steps 1, 2 and 3, is mandatory for all new students.

Current students

Step 3 of this procedure is mandatory for students who have already taken a French course at the École de français within the last year.

Inter-faculty students

If you have already been admitted to another FEP program or to another Université de Montréal faculty, you must take a placement test before contacting the management technician for student files (the TGDE) of your program of study. You must therefore follow step 2.

Interuniversity students

If you study in another Québec university, you must take a placement test before applying for a student authorization through the website of the interuniversity cooperation office. You must therefore follow step 2. Pay attention to the registration deadlines for interuniversity students.

1. Admission

2. Placement Test

3. Registration to courses

Payment of costs

Health insurance