French for professors

Improve your French in order to teach better!

If you are a new professor whether Anglophone or Allophone and want to improve your French, our French program for university professors is for you. The program is aimed at facilitating your sociocultural and professional integration as a current university professor. It enables you to develop your communication skills in French as a second language and covers three essential aspects: general French, French specific to your subject, and French related to university work and the institutional culture. The program is demanding, clear and flexible; the courses are offered in a tutoring format or in small groups.

If you are a professor newly hired by the Université de Montréal, please contact the Direction des ressources humaines (the human resources department):

Marie-Josée Cléroux
Training analyst

If you are a professor from another university, please contact the coordinator of the program:

Joëlle Imbert
Academic adviser