École de langues
Learn, improve, polish your French.

The École de langues of the Faculté de l’éducation permanente is recognized for the excellence of its teaching of French as a second language. Whether you are a new immigrant, a professional, a student or simply a lover of the French language, we have the program for you.

Spotlight on our programs

2022 Summer School in French

This summer, it is in French that it is happening!

Cultural diversity and entertainment, Montreal offers you the perfect environment to learn French while enjoying the “joy of life” that characterizes it, especially in summer!

French conversation and Québec culture workshop

Learning French also means enjoying life …in French. For all those who want to learn French without the stress of exams and with no objective other than to discover Québec culture and talk with others in French.

Preparation for the OQLF exams

Join our OQLF exam preparation workshops offered entirely online.

Intensive university French program

If you are a non francophone student and you must improve your knowledge of French in order to start university studies, our program is for you.