Linguistic Stays

2021 Summer School in French

An online program to learn French at home!

July 5 to 30, 2021

The program is tailored to the reality of the pandemic and has been redesigned for this summer. After months of sheltering in place, we have transformed our Summer School and put it online. Now you can take full advantage of the benefits of distance learning while making good use of the summer, since, with our short class times, you can enjoy your afternoons and not spend the day in front of your screen.

In-person linguistic stays will again be offered once the Covid-19 situation is resolved.

An interactive, fun platform, designed for you

  • Benefit from the high quality of our in-person classes … but now online. You can therefore watch our videos again and again to fully integrate what you learn.
  • Ask all your questions on our platform and delve deeper into subjects after the courses through interactive discussions with the lecturers.
  • Learn a new language in the comfort of your home: no tickets to buy, no housing to find and no visa required! 

Montréal, as if you were actually there!

Technology has shown us that, while sheltering in place, we could share much emotion online and experience moments of sharing, even remotely. Challenge met!

Our passionate teachers are preparing lively, user-friendly online courses for you in which they will share with you the “joie de vivre”, culture and entertainment that characterize our beautiful city. In fact, we have developed numerous thematic activities you will engage in with students from around the globe.

Thematic activities

Did you know that Québec is known for its storytellers, that you can easily make the delicious bannock bread baked by the Aboriginal Peoples at home on the barbecue, or that Montréal is the capital of artificial intelligence and video gaming?

Let us help you discover the best of Québec, without leaving the comfort of your home, through thematic activities that will enable you improve your French while discovering Québec culture in a fun, practical way.


Visual arts, storytelling, songs, literature, poetry, theatre…


Remote cooking demonstrations and Québec cooking workshops: poutine, pâté chinois, bannock bread, pouding chômeur…


Muscle workouts, Zumba, calisthenics, yoga…

Science and technology

Artificial intelligence, the world of video gaming, virtual tours of green and innovative installations…


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